Why is Number of Solicitations value on Sources record not correct after an Interactions Upload?

Here are two reasons for the Number of Solicitations value not to increment:

1.  In one case, an Interactions Upload job was started, then killed, and then an Undo Upload/Download Procedure was run for the killed Interaction Upload, because it added some Interactions already. The Interactions Upload of the same file was then processed again later. After the upload, the Number of Solicitations on the sources did not equal the number of Interactions that were loaded (assuming the sources started at 0 Number of Solicitations).

2.  All the data looked correct (i.e. the Account and Source existed) in the upload file, yet the Number of Solicitations did not increment.  Interaction records were created.
3.  The Number of Solicitations value was nulled out after a Source Upload.
1.  When you do an Interactions Upload, it counts up and adds the Number of Solicitations to the Source at the end of the job.  Since the Interaction Upload job was killed, it had created some Interactions but did not update the Number of Solicitations on the Source yet, so they were still 0.  When the Undo Upload/Download Procedure was run for the Interactions Upload to undo the Interactions added, the procedure counts how many Interactions for each source were added by the upload, then subtracts that amount from the Number of Solicitations on the source. Since it was currently at 0, it ended up with negative Number of Solicitations. Then when the Interactions Upload is run again, it adds the number of uploaded Interactions to the negative number, so you end up with less than the total of uploaded Interactions.

Example, of 1000 Interactions to be loaded for a source, 50 got loaded before the first job was killed. After the undo, the Number of Solicitations is -50. When the upload is done again and adds the full 1000 Interactions, the Number of Solicitations is -50 + 1000 = 950 rather than the full 1000 it should be.

The solution is to manually set the Number of Solicitations on sources to 0 after an undo of a killed Interactions Upload, or if it is after the second upload already, manually correct set them to the correct amount. If it is too many sources to do manually, you can contact TA support for assistance.

2.  Another reason that the Number of Solicitations is not incremented on the Source record is that the Vendor_Flags table is missing the record with the same Vendor_Code as used for the upload file.  Here is how to check for the existence of the record:
WHERE   VENDOR_CODE = '[Vendor Code'];

If it is missing, SUST or TA Support needs to add the record.  A sample of the record is attached to this article (for Vendor_Code = 'CRL').

Please ask the client if they want the following to happen when performing an Interactions Upload job with the specific Vendor_Code:

Do they want to generate SAC values for each new Interaction record?
Do they want the Source record updated (i.e. Number of Solicitations)?

The attached SQL file uses those values (as an example).

Here is a Help doc link to help support this issue:  Vendor Flags (Interaction Upload)

3.  If the existing Sources do not have a Mail_Date on them, and Number of  Solicitations is not nullthen updates from a Source Upload will overwrite the Number of  Solicitations value.  If the Upload value for Number of  Solicitations is null, it will set Number of  Solicitations on the Source as 0.  Only Total_Cost, Number_Solicitations, and sometimes (depending on their upload settings) Cost_Per_Soliciation will get set to 0 if you upload them as null. Everything else that is uploaded as null will not update anything on the Source for that.

See KB Article 62107 for more information on Source Uploads:  Why does a Source Upload not update some Source info?

180326 - Vendor_Flags for CRL.sql



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