To build this list go to:
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  2. Click the List Templates tab
  3. Category: Admission 
  4. View/Copy Candidate Information
  5. Click the Select Objects Tab
    • Under Admission Add Candidate Inactivation Reason and Candidate Status
  6. Click Display Fields > Select Fields
    • Expand User Base > Candidate > Check Candidate.Inactivation Reason ID
    • Expand Candidate inactivation reason and mark Candidate Inactivation Reason.Inactivation Reason
    • Expand Candidate Status and mark Candidate Status.Status Date
    • Click Select
  7. Reorder columns as desired and mark the Enable grouping options box
  8. Click Filters Tab
    • Change User Role.Role to any of Past Candidate
    • Click the + under Global Filters and find the Fields Candidate Status.Status Date and select your Condition
  9. Name the List and select a category if desired
  10. Preview the list to confirm the information is accurate
  11. Click Save or Save & Exit