Look for any errors received for users in the Connect EE log
  1. View Log in Core > Settings > Connect Education Edge.
  2. Next to User Records, click View Log.
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  1. Click the view errors link
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For Error: NULL Grad Year or Grade [XXXX], ensure the user listed has the Class of entered in The Education Edge:
  1. In Registrar's Office, go to Records > Courses > Students
  2. Open the student's record
  3. Select the Enrollments tab
  4. Ensure the correct graduation year is entered in the Class of field
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If no errors are received and users are not syncing over:
  1. In The Education Edge, ensure the student is enrolled in at least one course for the current Academic Year
  2. Ensure that the Term dates match between The Education Edge and Core
  3. Verify that the current Academic Year is selected to synchronize in Core > Settings > Connect Education Edge > Edit Setup Options