To create a list of Faculty and Staff with their Employment dates navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  2. Click Add > Create Advanced List
  3. Click Select Objects  
  4. Under Constituent Information click to add User Base and User Role
  5. Under Employee, Select Employee Employment
  6. Select the Display Fields tab
  7. Click Select Fields 
  8. Expand User Base, and Employee Employment 
  9. Mark the fields you would like to display
  10. Click Select
  11. Click Enable Grouping Options
  12. Select the Filters Tab
  13. Select User Role.Role any of Non-Teaching Staff,Past Non-Teaching Staff,Past Teacher,Teacher (to multi select, hold down CTRL or Command + left click on your mouse on the Roles to be added to the condition)
  14. Click Select
  15. Click Preview to ensure the list is generating all the desired fields
  16. Title the List and select a category if desired
  17. Click Save & Exit