What order are price types in for combinations?

Is there way to put the price types in a specific order for combinations? When selling combinations through daily sales, you may find that the price types do not display in the order that you added them to your combination. You may also see that they are not listed in alphabetical order or the order they are listed in the scheduled program.

Combination price types appear out of order on web form.
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Price types appear as per the sequence they were added to the combination. If your price types appear out of order on web forms, you will remove and re-add the price types in the order you want then to appear using the below steps.
  1. Navigate to Tickets > Combinations
  2. Click on your Combination Record
  3. At top left underneath Tasks, click Edit combination
  4. Click gray box to left of each price type and click Delete on keyboard to remove.
    • Note: Keep your preferred first price type in the first line. Example: If you want to keep the Adult price type first, keep this as the first price type. Remove all other price types.
  5. Save
  6. Click Edit combination at top left once more
  7. Re-add the remaining price types in the sequence you want to appear on web form
  8. Save

Steps to Duplicate

Step 1- Create a Combination
  1. From Tickets, Select Combinations, Add New
  2. Name the combination
  3. Enter price types to be sold in your combination
  4. Save
  5. Add a program to the combination
    1. Enter Name
    2. Search and select the program
    3. Enter prices for the price types
  6. Save
Step 2 - Create a button on the daily sales page
  1. From Tickets, Select Configure Daily Sales Page
  2. Add Combination
    1. Select the name of your combination
    2. Select a price type that the combination will default
    3. Choose the criteria that will display on your button
  3. Save
Steps 3 - Check the Daily Sales Button
  1. From Sales, Select Daily Sales
  2. Select the combination button that you just created
  3. See the price types are not in the order that you added them to the combination, See that they are not in alphabetical order either


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