Exports go to a Not Responding state and hang when working in Education Edge

When working in the Exports module in Education Edge, you may encounter an issue where the export goes into a Not Responding state. For example, if the export is designed to be saved as a .CSV file, as soon as you click Export Now, the export hangs and says Not Responding. After waiting an extended period of time, the export does not complete.

Note: This issue has been known to occur if Microsoft Office is installed on the affected machine. When the export process starts, a WINWORD.exe process starts and does not end. You can see this event in Task Manager under Processes.
Recreate the export parameter.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Education Edge
2. Go to Exports
3. Double-click on the Export in question that would generate a .CSV file to a local path on the machine
4. Click Export Now
5. Type in File Name and save it to Desktop or a local path on the machine


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