​Option 1: Use the Zip Code Report filtered on a specific program or set of programs.
  1. Go to Sales and select ZIP code under Reports.
  2. For the Program filter dropdown, choose Specific program if you want to see Zip Codes for one program or Selected Programs if you want to see Zip Codes for a set a programs.
    1. If you choose Specific Program, click on the magnifying glass.  Then search for and select your program.
    2. Note: If you are trying to report on Admission programs, mark the box to Include Daily Admission in the search window.
    3. If you choose Selected Programs, you will need to build a query selection of the programs you want to report on.  Click on the magnifying glass.
    4. Search for an existing program query or click Add to add a new query selection.
    5. If you click Add, select the source view of Program Query and click Ok.
    6. In the middle column of query, click Program record and move to Include Records Where.
    7. Set the criteria to One of and search for each program you want to report on.
    8. Click ok.
    9. Go to the Set Save Options tab.
    10. Name the query.
    11. Click Save and Close.
  3. Select any other filters for your Zip Code Report and click View Report.
Option 2: If you need more information than the Zip Code Report provides, you can create a query to view more information.  We recommend using the report when possible for ease of use.
  1. From Analysis, choose Information library.
  2. Add an ad-hoc query, and select the record view of Sales Order.
  3. If looking for a particular time frame, select Order complete date in the middle column, and drag it to Include Records where. Set it equal to or between your date range.
  4. To see ticket sales from certain programs, expand Sales Order Item in the left column. 
  5. Next, expand Sales Order Item Ticket, and highlight Program.
  6. From the middle column, drag Program record to Include records where, and set to equal to your program choice. You can also choose "one of" if you are looking to see multiple programs.
  7. From the middle column, drag ZIP to the Include records section, and set it equal to, between, or one of and put in the ZIP codes you wish to include. 
  8. Now, we'll add items to the Results fields to display to tell Altru what information you'd like to see about the records above.
  9. In the Results fields to display area, highlight Lookup ID, and click the Red X above to remove the field. 
  10. From the middle column, drag ZIP to Results fields to display.
  11. In the left column, highlight Sales Order Item. 
  12. Drag Quantity from the middle column to Results fields to display to see the quantity of tickets sold. 
  13. In the left column, expand Sales Order Item, then expand Sales Order Item ticket.
  14. Highlight Program in the left column.
  15. From the middle column, drag Name to Results fields to display to see the program name. 
  16. Click Preview results to see the results.
  17. Note: we do not recommend using any SUM functionality on the Quantity field in Results fields to display, as it may inflate the number of tickets actually sold. Calculations should be done after the query is exported to Excel.