Student Profile Report Stops before the same student every time it is run

When previewing the Student Profile Report, the amount of pages available is less than the amount of student records in the report. Every time the preview stops on the page right before the same student. When you filter the report on just that student, you receive "error in database DLL."
  1. One possible cause:  duplicate addresses, or two addresses marked as primary, on a student or relation's record.
  2. Try running the report in smaller groups to determine the record that isn't showing.  For example, instead of running for the whole school, run it by grade level.  Sort by last name.  
  3. Determine the name of the student who does NOT preview.  If not certain, try running the report, putting just a student name in the Filters tab.  The record with the issue will not preview and will give the error.
  4. Once the student record is identified, check the addresses tab on that record for duplicate addresses, especially two addresses marked as primary. 
  5. Go to the Relationships tab and open each relation's record, checking the addresses tab as well. If two primary addresses are marked on a record, clear the duplicate manually: 
  6. Save and close that record. 
The report should run without errors and include the record that previously was excluded.


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