The fund (designations) drop-down is hidden when the donation form is set up for just one fund. Any donations on this form will default to this fund when downloaded to the Raiser's Edge. If the acknowledgement and/or eReceipt is set up to include the fund name, then this fund will display there. (Tip: When specifying just one fund, be sure the page content around the form talks about that fund so that donors understand what they're supporting.)

If you want to have the fund drop-down appear, then the form must be set up with more than one designation for a donor to select in one of the following ways: 
  • Mark the option to "Allow other designation" (The drop-down will default to one selected fund when the form/page loads.) 
  • Add more than one fund. (Tip: Mark "Default" beside the fund that should be selected first when the form/page loads.)