Existing relationship or participant record opens as blank (new) with details missing or does not open at all

When attempting to open an existing relationship from the Relationship tab of a constituent record or a participant from the Participants tab of an event record, a new relationship or participant record appears rather than the one the user attempts to open. Users may also find that no window opens when clicking to open an existing relationship/participant record. This occurs if no filters are selected and <All> is highlighted on the left column for the relationship/participant types to display.

  1. On the Relationships tab of the Constituent record or the Participants tab of the Event record, right-click in the space where the records would be/are listed.
  2. Select Columns.
  3. Note existing columns listed and remove all columns except Name from the right side by using the arrows to move them back to the left side
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save and Close on the constituent/event record.
  6. Re-open the constituent/event record.
  7. Select the Relationships/Participants tab and repeat Step 1-4 to add the columns removed in Step 3.
  8. Double-click the desired record to open.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. On a constituent record, select the Relationships tab.
  2. Double-click to open an existing relationship record. A window for a new relationship record appears or no window appears rather than opening the selected relationship record. 

  1. From Records > Events, open an Event record.
  2. Click on the Participants tab.
  3. Double click on any existing participant. A window for a new participant opens or no window appears at all.

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