Event date does not update in Online Express form

Users may notice that Event forms do not update when changing the time or date of an Event in Records. The Event form will still have the old Event date and time. 

1. After updating the date in the event record, go to the Get Started tab
2. Click search under the event name and description
3. Re-insert the event record
4. You should then see a dialogue box saying "Updating code table"
5. Preview the change on the Fine Tuning tab
6. Save and close the event form designer


Steps to Duplicate

  1. In The Raiser's Edge, click on Records in the left menu.
  2. Click on Events.
  3. Search for the desired event and open its record.
  4. On the General tab, edit the Start Date and Start Time fields as desired.
  5. Click Save and Close.
  6. Click on Online Express in the left menu.
  7. Click on Events at the top.
  8. Find the desired form below that corresponds to the event edited in steps 1 through 5.
  9. To the right of the form name, click Edit to open the form.
  10. Click Save and Close in the lower left.
  11. Back in Online Express, click Preview to the right of the event form name to view that the date does not update below the event name.


 Blackbaud Online Express

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