The Add Users Utility is not saving the query selection and not running on the correct query

In Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.1 when running the Add Users Utility, the previously selected query will be the query that the utility runs on, and any query selections made, are not saved.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the interim, please do the following steps:
  1. Below the "Add Users to NetCommunity" link:
  2. Select Options
  3. Select "NetCommunity Users" in the upper left
  4. Make your changes here to the query, etc.
  5. Press Ok
  6. Run the add users utility as normal

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Add Users to NetCommunity
  2. Select a query to use, press Ok.
  3. Observe the Utility runs, however on the old, previously selected query
  4. Return to Add Users to NetCommunity.
  5. Observe the old query is still selected as if no change was made.

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