To create a list of users and their preferred addresses, go to:

1. Navigate to Lists > Manage Lists.
2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
3. Add > Create Basic List.
4. Select Constituent Detail (Step 1 of 2).
5. Click Next.
Step 1 of 2: Constituent Detail

6. Give the list a Name (Step 2 of 2).
7. Select an Existing category or create a New category (not required).
8. Enter a Description.
9. Mark checkboxes for Mail Labels and/or Mail Merge if list will be used for either purpose.
10. On the Criteria tab select Primary Indicator as the field with Is Not Null as the condition.
Step 2 of 2: Criteria

11. On the Select Fields tab add Primary Indicator, Address Line 1, and any other appropriate fields to the right hand box by clicking on the double arrows between the boxes. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple fields.
Step 2 of 2: Select Fields

12. Click Run.
Step 2 of 2: Run

A "True" result means that the preferred address box has been checkmarked on the users contact card. A "False" result means the address is not a preferred address.

Step 2 of 2: True or False Results