Revenue Campaign merge fields are incorrect in email message based on a constituent export definition

When sending email messages out of BBIS using constituent export definitions as the data source in the templates the incorrect campaign linked to the gift being included in the email.
Download and install the latest Service Pack which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Create a new constituent record and add your email address to the constituent
2.  Create two new pledges for the constituent created in step 1.  Ensure each pledge has a different campaign associated with it
3.  Create a constituent query with the criteria being the constituent created in step 1
4.  Create a new constituent export definition with the criteria in the attached screenshot (export definition criteria)
5.  Create a new export and select the constituent query in step 3 and the export definition in step 4
6.  Run the export and open the file in Excel.  Notice both pledges are exported and each campaign appears
7.  Open BBIS and create a new list
8.  Select constituent as the data source
9.  Enter a list name and select the query created in step 3 for the constituent query
10. Save the List
11. Create a new Template
12. Enter a template name, subject, from address, from name, constituent as the data source, and the export definition created in step 4
13. In the template design include the following merge fields from the export definition:
Constituent>Revenue>Revenue Splits>Revenue Campaigns>Campaign>Campaign.Lookup ID
Constituent>Revenue (2)>Revenue (2).Amount
Constituent>Revenue (2)>Revenue Splits>Revenue Campaigns>Campaign>Campaign.Lookup ID
14. Include a link to a preference page and privacy page
15. Save the template
16. Select Messages and create a new message
17. Select the template created in step 13 and select ok
18. Enter the list created in step 10 as the recipient lists
19. Enter an email name, subject, and appeal
20. Save the email and then select send final. When the email is received notice that both pledge amounts from step 2 appear but the campaign for pledge 1 appears for both.  This is incorrect as it should be including the campaign on the second pledge



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