1. Log into blackbaud.com and click my blackbaud.
  2. Click Edit personal info.
  3. Click Update next to his email address and completes the form.
    1. A brief message comes up saying an email was sent to confirm your email address. 
    2. This updates your email address for logging into blackbaud.com and in all our internal systems. 
  4. For NXT, your supervisor for NXT, will need to disconnect your login in the Control Panel and then invite you again with the new email address. You will receive the invitation email. You need to click Accept in the email. 
  5. To link your Blackbaud ID account to our internal records, click Chat with Support on the my blackbaud page to hit a support page. Once this is done, you can access Training hover over Training, and select Training Central to access training. Training assists with any training errors or questions.  You can also access Case Central and other support pages.