To add additional financial Aid Types, please navigate to Enrollment Management> Admissions> Admissions Setup> Candidate Profile Settings, and click the arrow to the left of Financial Aid to expand the options. Click 'Edit' to add more.

To bulk record Financial Aid:
  1. Go to Enrollment Management 
  2. Financial Aid > Click Financial aid awards
  3. Click Record Financial Aids
  4. Select the preferred School  to record Financial Aid For
  5. Click Next
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  1. Select and fill in the fields appropriately  to obtain the preferred group of records 
    • Select Role
    • Entering Grade
    • Financial Aid Type (only select a prior Type If recording Financial Aid based on a prior School Year and/or a prior Type)
  2. Click Search
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  1. Select the Name(s) by clicking the >> arrows next to each Users name, or select Move All if  all users listed should receive financial aid 
  2. Click Next
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  1. Select the Financial Aid Type, Amount Granted, Decision and Date Requested and Comment if Desired
  • Date Requested: Date the candidate requested financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Type: The type of financial aid the candidate is requesting.
  • Decision: The school’s decision on the candidate’s requested financial aid.
  • Amount Granted: The amount of financial aid granted to the candidate.
  • Comment: Add comments regarding the candidate’s financial aid.
  1. Click Save & Exit 
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