I'm trying to update the due date on a published requirement and I'm receiving an error.

I'm trying to update the due date on a requirement that I published to a grantee portal. I'm setting the due date to a date past the 12th of the month and I'm receiving an error. The error looks like this:

The Grantee Portal failed to update. Please re-submit your request. Due dates were not updated on the IGAM server. The ID of the Logged Exception is xxxxxxx.
This error is most commonly caused by an issue with UK regional settings in your browser or on your workstation. UK settings render the date as dd-mm-yyyy, while GIFTS Online stores dates as mm-dd-yyyy. The error message is caused by an issue converting the dates between the two formats. In order to resolve this, set the requirement due date to any date under the 12th of the month. This issue is slated to be resolved in an upcoming release of GIFTS Online.


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