A school does not need to use Financial Aid Mapping if they do not record Financial Aid/Financial Aid discounts through Smart Tuition.

Financial Aid Mapping and Grade Mapping need to be setup before contracts are generated so there is no risk of mismatched values, which can lead to incorrect behavior and errors. If this step is not first completed or an un-mapped grade is selected, a warning message will appear when generating contracts to help remind you to first take care of this step so the grades can be validated. To set up Financial Aid Mapping:
Core > Settings > Blackbaud Connections > Smart Tuition > Financial Aid Mapping

Keep in mind that any Smart Tuition financial aid mappings that have previously been linked to a contract or fee type in Smart Tuition are locked and do not allow additional changes to be made.

Additionally, this also means that it is possible to define Deposit Rules that rely on financial aid amounts that don't carry over into Smart Tuition if you do not set up Financial Aid Mapping. Please read more on Deposit Rules through the following knowledge base article: Deposit Rules for Financial Aid