Lists FAQ


Why can't I see Lists?

Before you can use Lists, you'll need permission to see all constituents and query manager access in Luminate Online. Contact your Site Administrator to update your permissions.

Can I categorize my lists by using security categories or filters?

No, Lists does not currently support categorizing by security categories or other filters. However, we are in the process of adding this functionality in a future release.

Is MultiCenter supported?

Not at this time. Lists access will expand to Center Administrators in a future release.

How long will it take for permission access to sync? For example, a user has access to Luminate Beta but has recently been given query manager access to view Lists.

It should typically take less than two hours for the newly added permission to sync.


Why does my data look odd when I use filters? For example, I see "Male" and "male" when I filter by gender.

The data that appears in filters is populated from data entered in Luminate Online and is case sensitive. If you want to filter by gender, like in the example above, make sure to select all variations of male for the most accurate results. You can also update the information in Luminate Online to clean up the data that appears in the filters.

Geolocation radius

Can I enter an address from anywhere when I use the Location filter?

Addresses entered in the Location filter text field must contain states in the United States or a Canadian address.

Will Canadian customers see the range in kilometers?

No, the distance will display in miles, but we plan to add kilometers in a future release.

How long will it take to add geolocation data to new constituent records?

Location data should appear about 15 minutes after it's been added to a constituent record.

Groups in Luminate Online

When will my group appear in Luminate Online after I select Push to Luminate Online?

After you push a list to Luminate Online, it make take up to five minutes before you can see the group in the Groups list. After the group appears, the amount of time it takes to populate the group with list members will depend on the size of your list?

How do I make sure my list and group are up-to-date?

In Luminate Beta, your list is updated every time you open it and will display the latest numbers. In Luminate Online, you can keep the group up-to-date by manually pushing the list in Luminate Beta to Luminate Online or by rebuilding the group on email send. When your group is set to automatically rebuild after an email is sent in Luminate Online, the group will be rebuilt along with any other groups set to automatically rebuild on email send.

Recurring pushes to groups are coming in a future release and will be communicated in future webinars.

Can I change the group type of a group created from a list in Luminate Beta?

The Luminate Beta Group type must be kept in order to keep the group and list in sync.


What are social tags?

Social tags are generated from's Influencer types. Influencers are your most influential contacts on social media, and they're made up of three types, VIP, Everyday, and Media.

Ideally you want these contacts to be ambassadors of your mission. Filtering by these contacts and reaching out to them ensures that even more people will hear about and get to know your cause. For more information about, visit

Who generates the social data for Influencers?

The social reach data is generated by, and you can learn more about their social reach research here.

How often is the social data updated and added to a constituent record?

The current social data was gathered earlier this year as part of a batch, but automatic, incremental updates are coming soon. Be on the lookout for social data updates in future webinars.

Does the social data scan include Constituent360,Luminate CRM, and Raiser's Edge?

No, the social data only applies to constituents in Luminate Online. The social data was generated by sending constituent email addresses and associated Constituent IDs to, which makes the data specific to constituents in Luminate Online. Luminate CRM users can view social data, but they would only be able to access the data from Luminate Online.

Where can I find the Si score in Luminate Online?

Currently, the social data is only visible from within the Lists feature in Luminate Beta, but the information will surface in Luminate Beta's new constituent profile view at a later time. Additionally, the social data you see in Luminate Beta is actually a social tag made up of different social data that includes, but isn't limited to, the Si score.