Role is missing under Role Membership but user is still a member in Manage Roles

When going to Edit User Profile Data and looking at the Role Membership a Role may not be listed. However, when running directories and looking in Manage Roles the user may appear to be a member of the role. This happens with Cloned Roles.

This can happen when a role is marked Inactive before a user is removed from the role. The role disappears from Role Membership but the user is not actually removed from the role. If you activate the role again under Manage Roles it should reappear on the user's profile.

To activate the Role...

1. In Core > Security > Roles
2. Locate the Role and click to open it.
3. Under Properties > Click Edit
4. Mark the Checkbox next to Active

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Core > Users > Edit User Profile Data
2. Search for the User
3. Note that Cloned Role does not appear under Other.
4. Switch to Manage Roles
5. Select Role > Members
6. Note that user is still a member

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