In order to set the Timeout Settings on your application forms, please take the following steps:

1. Launch and log into IGAM
2. Tools menu > Preferences
3. The Preferences window will open > Click on 'Options' under Applicant/Grantee View > Click the 'Edit' button
4. Your Site [0] - Default window should appear > In the Links tab, click the 'Timeout Settings' button
5. If this value is not Enabled, check the box for Enabled and increase the Idle Minutes and Timeout Minutes to your liking, preferably above 20 minutes for Idle and adding an additional 10 minutes on top of Idle Minutes setting for the Timeout Minutes.
6. Add Idle Warning Text and Timeout Text so that your users will be notified when they have been idle on the form and when they are timed out
7. Click OK to save changes.