How do I set up a new Grantmaking user?

I need to set up a new user for our Blackbaud Grantmaking (Formerly GIFTS online)
In order to set up a new user account for Blackbaud Grantmaking (Formerly GIFTS online) the Site Administrator or DSC (Designated Support Contact) will need to contact BlackBaud Customer Support. Please contact us with the customer support number for GIFTS listed at which will always have the most up to date information,

When contacting Customer support please have the following information available:

1. New user full name
2. Email address
3. Telephone to contact the new user
4. The User Group/Permission set you would like to add them to.

Let us know if you the password needs to be sent to the New User or the WebAdmin

This information will be sent to the Service Desk department to make the changes. Normally user changes will be done within two business days, but at peak times may take longer, up to the five business day Service Level Agreement for Services work.


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