In preparation of your transition to Raiser’s Edge NXT, we recommend:
  1. If you are not on The Raiser's Edge 7.95 or higher, review What do I need to do to prepare for the update to The Raiser's Edge 7.95 or higher?
  2. If your database is locally hosted, Download and Run the Media Embed Utility
  3. Confirm all staff using the Raiser’s Edge have valid accounts.
    1. See: How do site administrators manage users?
  4. Audit Solicitor Set up for solicitors which work in the Raiser’s Edge:
    1. Open the solicitor’s constituent record and confirm the box for “is a solicitor” is marked.
    2. Select Security from Admin, select their username in the tree-view, and select Open. On the user's record, confirm “Constituent name” has their constituent record mapped. If not, browse for their record and then select Save and Close.
  5. Review the following tables in Configuration > Tables:
    1. Phone Types: Confirm phone types that represent emails are properly formatted as emails by opening the table value and reviewing the “Phone number type”.
    2. Solicit Code: Inactivate unused values and add new values for the Communication Preferences you would like to track within the NXT Web View (e.g. “Do not solicit”).
    3. Action Statuses: Inactivate unused values and add new values if needed.
  6. Run AddressFinder to ensure addresses are up-to-date when analytics are run.
    1. See: How to use AddressFinder (US) or How to use AddressFinder (CANADA).
  7. Review and disperse the blog “NXT Web View and Database Views: Side by Side” (Note: This step is intended for Blackbaud Hosting Services users only).
  8. Review and disperse Get Started with Raiser’s Edge NXT.
  9. Review Raiser's Edge NXT terminology guide
NOTE:  These tasks are suggestions, not requirements, to serve as an aid in your migration.