Email performance numbers do not match click map numbers

When viewing the statistics of an e-mail, users may see that the numbers listed in the click map section do not match what is listed in the performance section.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.  If you are experiencing this issue, click Chat with Support, reference this article, and provide the following information so we can assist you:

1. A screenshot of the email stats from Online Express  
2. The CSV File from message transactions. (Click the link under transactions at the top of the screen then export CSV)
3. The CSV File from link transactions.  (click the link under transactions at the bottom from click map, then export CSV) 
4. Version of Internet Explorer
5. Version of The Raiser's Edge
6. Operating System and Service Pack (if applicable)

Workaround: How to query on emails from Online Express

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into The Raiser's Edge
2. Launch Online Express
3. Select E-mail Mapping
4. Click View Stats for the e-mail
5. See that the transactions number at the top do not match the Click map number of transactions at the bottom

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