Simple allocation is not producing general ledger entries after adding additional segments to the account number

After increasing the account number length by 2 segments, simple allocations no longer produce general ledger entries. The pre-allocation report will display the balance or net change of the pool and of the basis, but no general ledger debits and credits show in the report or are created when processing the allocation.
This has been resolved in FE 7.87 patch 24.

Steps to Duplicate

1. General Ledger > Allocation Management > Simple Allocations
2. Open a saved or create a new simple allocation
3. Calculation and dates are set to net change and include all dates as an example
4. GL Entries is set with sources as the pool account and destination is from the basis
5. Pre-allocation report - notice there is a total for the pool and the basis, however no General Ledger entries are created for some reason


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