Split Transactions Added With One Gift Type Can Have Gift Types on Additional Segments Adjusted

When a split transaction is added to a constituent's Journal, an option for One Gift Type is provided on the initial New Split Transaction screen. This allows you to only record a single Gift Type which will be applied to all segments of the transaction:
New Split Transaction

When entering information for each segment, the Gift Type is only specified in Segment 1, while all other segments have no fields for entering Gift Type details, but refer to the Gift Type selected in the first segment:
Segment 1 Message

Once the split transaction is saved, however, it can be re-opened and the Gift Types on these additional segments can be modified so that they no longer match the Gift Type selected on Segment 1.
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Open a constituent's account and go to the Journal page
  2. Click Add button
  3. Click Split Transaction
  4. Check off the One Gift Type option, and fill out any other required fields
  5. Click Add Segments
  6. Set up a Gift Type in Segment 1 (can be any Gift Type) and fill out the details for the transaction as required
  7. Note the Gift Type in the additional segments refers to the Gift Type selected in Segment 1, as you chose the One Gift Type option
  8. Click Save And Edit
  9. Once the entry saves and refreshes, check the Gift Types tab for the additional segments. Note that you can now modify those as you'd like.
  10. Modify the Gift Types for one of those segments to something other than what is selected in Segment 1
  11. Click Save And
  12. You now have a Split Transaction with different Gift Type info, despite having chosen One Gift Type originally

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