Undeliverable email with message "Previously marked as spam complaint" are not marked as Hard Bounces in CRM and do not get marked as Invalid in BBIS

When email messages are undeliverable with the message "Previously marked as spam complaint", the email addresses do not appear in Invalid Accounts in BBIS or Blacklisted Email Addresses in CRM. The constituent records in CRM are also not updated to reflect the spam complaint, either.

Currently, the Blacklisted Email Addresses list in CRM and the Invalid Account list in BBIS are designed to catch and list email addresses that receive Hard Bounces (i.e., recipient does not exist) from the receiving email server.  Spam complaints are distinct from Hard Bounces, as a message has to be received before a spam complaint can be returned.  

There is currently nothing in the system that allows tracking for spam complaints on the records themselves.  This is a feature we are now actively considering introducing in the future, and encourage all facing this issue to upvote this in our Ideas Portal:

Steps to Duplicate

1) Send an email job out from BBIS
2) After the send completes, check the Bounces section of the Email Report
3) Find records that received the undeliverable message, "Previously marked as spam complaint"
4) Notice that the email address doesn't get added to Invalid Address in BBIS
5) Go into CRM and search for constituent records with email addresses that returned the "Previously marked as spam complaint" message.
6) Notice that the constituent record isn't updated to reflect the hard bounce.
7) Go to Administration > Email Services > Blacklisted Email Addresses and notice that the email addresses were not added there.


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