1. Create an Excel CSV file to use for the import with the Project ID field as the header of the first column.
  2. Include additional header columns for
    • Project Account Restriction Account restriction
      • With entries such as
        • Allow use of all accounts
        • Allow use of selected accounts
        • Restrict use of all accounts
        • Restrict use of selected accounts
    • Project Account Restriction Selection mode
      • With entries such as
        • Range
        • Query
        • Selected
    • Either
      • Project Account Restriction Query OR Start Account Number and End Account Number
        • If using a Query - the entry would contain the Query Name
        • If using a Range - the entry would contain both a start and end account numbers
        • If using Selected - repeat the field start account number and assign each instance it's own extension, e.g. 00, 01, 02, etc.
  3. Go to General Ledger > Administration > Import Records
  4. Select the Project import type
  5. On the General tab, select the radio button for "update existing records"
  6. Mark the box to "validate data only"
  7. On the Fields tab, map all fields (NOTE: the start and end accounts can be included more than once, so if more than 1 group, ensure the pairs are grouped together with 00s, 01s, etc.
  8. Click Validate Now
  9. If there are no exceptions, remove the "validate data only" option on the General tab and click Import Now.