Nurses can print medical contact cards so that they have a readily available hard-copy in case of emergencies.Teachers and Coaches can print through the Roster tab in their Groups.

As a Nurse:

  1. Select the Faculty persona
  2. Highlight my day, select Nurse’s Office
  3. Select Print Medical Contact Cards
  4. Under the Include dropdown select a search option
  5. Type a search term into the search bar
  6. (Optional) Mark the checkbox for Print one page per student
  7. Click Print
As a Coach or Teacher:
  1. Select the Faculty persona
  2. Highlight Groups and select the group name or search for the Group using Find More
  3. Select Roster
  4. Select Reports and select Medical Contact Cards
  5. Hold down Ctrl (Command on Mac) then type P to open the print dialogue
  6. ​Click Print.