Contact information on Constituent record is not properly updated when they are a Contact for an Organization

When a Constituent is a contact for an Organization through a Relationship, the matching contact information (phone, email address, etc..) does not get updated if it is changed through the relationship edit form.
Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

1.   Create a new constituent.
      a. Constituents > Add an individual > Enter a last name, first name, phone type of "business", a phone number, email type of "business", and an email address > Click Save.
2.   Create a new organization.
      a. Constituents > Add an organization > Enter a name > Click Save.
3.   Navigate to the Organization record you've just created. Click the Relationships tab and then the Relationships subtab. Click Add individual. The add a relationship window pops up.
4.   In the Add a relationship window on the Relationship information tab, find and select the individual you created in step one in the Related individual field. 
5.   Set the Organization as the Employer and the Individual as the employee.
6.   On the Employment and contact information tab, select the Individual is a contact checkbox. Select a contact type.
7.   In the Contact phone number field, click Add. The Add a phone number window pops up.
8.   Select the phone number Type and enter the number to match that of the individual's created in step 1. Select the Set as primary phone number and Do not call this phone number checkboxes. Click OK.
9.   In the Contact email address field, click Add. The Add an email address window pops up.
10. Select the email Type and enter the email address to match that of the individual's created in step 1. Select the Set as primary email address and Do not send email to this address checkboxes. Click OK.
11. Back in the Add a relationship window, click Save.
12. Navigate to the constituent's record created in step 1. See the phone number and email address on the record have not been updated to include "Do not contact".
13. Navigate back to the Organization record. Click the Relationships > Relationships subtab. Click Edit on the individual's relationship. The Edit relationship window pops up.
14. In the Edit relationship window, click the Contact information tab.
15. In the Contact phone number field, click Edit. In the Edit phone number window that pops up, see that the Do not call this phone number checkbox has been unchecked. Click Cancel.
16. Repeat the process in step 15 for the Contact email address field. Again, see the Do not send email to this address checkbox has been unchecked.


 Blackbaud CRM
 Service Pack 15

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