The "start on' date in membership dues batch is greyed out and defaults to today's date unless you toggle the payment options field between the values.

The "start on' date is grayed out unless you change the payment option field from 'pay in full' to either 'pay installment' or 'Create installment plan' in a membership dues batch. Once you change the payment option, you can then edit the date, change it back to pay in full and the date will stick, but the field does go back to being grayed out.
We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to the Administration functional area.
2. Click batch under the Administration area.
3. Click Batch entry.
4. Click the Add button.
5. Select a Membership Dues Batch from the Batch template drop down.
6. Fill out the appropriate information until you get to the payment option.
7. Note that the field for 'started on" is defaulted to todays date under 'pay in full'
8. You cannot change the 'started on' date until you change the payment option to either 'pay installment' or 'create installment plan'.
9. You can then adjust the 'started on' date to the desired date, then change the option back to 'pay in full'


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