You'll want to create a scheduled program   and schedule program events to represent the meeting or the holiday to make sure that location does not get reserved for any other activity.

The event scheduled will display on the Organizational Calendar and the Location Availability report.and help prevent those locations being double booked  for public events or be scheduled on a holiday. 
  1. Go to Events
  2. Select Add new > Scheduled Program
  3. Name your program (e.g. Organization Meetings, Board Meetings)
    - You can choose to name the program with a generic name such as "Internal".
    - You can then choose to name the individual event occurrence with a title that information on the internal meeting.
    - If you are reserving it for a holiday - give the event the holiday name.
    - It is recommended that the program be set only for daily sales - this way it will not show as option in Advance, Group or Online sales.
  4. Under Prices add a price. There doesn't need to be a dollar amount associated with the price, but a price type will need to be added to create an event.
    - It is recommended to use a generic price type. Typically what you would use for facility rentals and not be eligible for Daily Sales. 
  5. Click Save
  6. Click the Event List tab
  7. Click Add
  8. Enter your meeting date, location and time
    - Customize the name of the event to identify the event
    - You may also want to include in the name of the event the contact person for the meeting so it is easy to follow up if needed
    -  Leverage the multiple occurrence functionality if this is a recurring event
  9. Click Save