Error: There is a Problem with your Criteria items 3 and 4 are Missing a Connector, when Running a Gift History Report and Attempting to Exclude a Fund ID

When running the Gift History Report, if I choose the NOT operator, the FUND ID is not excluded. How do I exclude the FUND ID and not get the error message?
Place AND NOT between the Fund Class Code and the FUND ID and now the FUND ID in question will be excluded from the report. You can do that by clicking the AND and NOT buttons and moving them in place as shown below:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Gift History Report > Selections > Add dates > Add Fund class > Add Fund ID 
2. Highlight the Fund ID Selection on the Right and click Selection Criteria
3. Place a NOT between the Fund Class Code and the Fund ID that you would like excluded
4. Note the error message: "There is a problem with your criteria items 3 and 4 are missing a connector."




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