How can I Import into a Fund FieldMaker tab that I have Created?

I would like to import into a FieldMaker tab, but the FUND import only imports into the Fund 1 and Fund 2 tabs.
Use the Import Records Update Utility for importing into FieldMaker tabs. When running this utility, you can only import 3 fields at a time, you will need to set up multiple templates and run multiple times for any fields after the 3.

Page 18 of the attached FIMS 14.0 release notes document outlines this process.

Additionally, you can find more information in FIMS Online Help located at this link: and gifts management/04-donor and gifts management_3.htm#_Toc425949004%3FTocPath%3DFIMS%2520Core%2520Modules%7CDonor%2520and%2520Gift%2520Management%7C_____16

  FIMS 14.0.pdf



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