Master Fund Shows Zero Balance and Activity on Donor Central

When going to Donor Central, the donor sees that the Master Fund shows a zero balance and no activity.

Master funds will show with a $0 balance and no activity depending on how the master and sub funds are set up in FIMS. If the master fund is just a roll up fund and not a real fund with GL accounts then there will be for example, no fund statement for it on Donor Central because there is no real fund. Additionally, Donor Central does not have awareness of master and sub funds set up in FIMS, so it will only show a fund statement for a single fund or display a single fund. If a donor is set up to have access to a sub fund, then that will be the only fund they see in Donor Central.

Each fund needs GL accounts if you would like it to show on Donor Central; even the Master Fund, and each fund will show as an individual fund on Donor Central. You can determine what shows in Donor Central based on whether or not the fund has GL accounts.

There are two ways in which Master Funds are able to be displayed on DC; via the GL accounts and the Fund Association:

1. If the Master Fund does not have any GL accounts, then it will not show on Donor Central. If it does have GL accounts, it will show on DC as an individual fund

2. If the donor has a fund association with that master fund, and the master fund has GL accounts, then the donor will see that master fund.

3. If you do not want the donor to see the master fund, then remove the association from the master fund and put it on the sub-fund and that will be the only fund the donor sees.





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