Unable to adjust revenue record with large number of splits in batch

Attempts to load a revenue record with 208 splits into a Revenue Update Batch results in error message:  "Data form could not be loaded.  An XML operation resulted an XML data type exceeding 2GB in size. Operation aborted."

This can be circumvented by loading the revenue record into a batch through Generate Revenue Update Batch operation and creating a selection for the revenue record in question.  Attempts to open the populated batch appears to break the server connection and shows error: "Your server connection may have been temporarily lost.  You may ned to click the refresh button in the application again."
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack 

Steps to Duplicate

1. On the batch data entry screen select the transaction to apply to designations
2. From the Revenue tab toolbar, click Split designations
3. In the Designation column, search for and select the designations to apply the total amount. Enter each designation in a separate row, 
4. You will need to add 208 splits into the batch
5. click Distribute evenly
6. Save the batch , try to commit


 Blackbaud CRM
 3.0.516 Service Pack 13

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