Recognition credits not applying correctly

When a membership where 100% of the contributed dues portion goes toward a donation is purchases you may notice that the recognition credits for the payment is incorrect. The recognition credits may change depending on if the payment was processed through the back office or as a sales order
If you are currently experiencing this issue please chat with support and reference this article  In the meantime you can manually adjust the recognition credits:
  1. Click sales > order search
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Click the Go to revenue button next to the membership
  4. Click on the recognition tab > click edit recognition credits
  5. Adjust the recognition credits > click save

Steps to Duplicate

1.Setup Membership program so 100% of the contributed dues portion goes to a designation.  
2.Setup your recognition credits so the Donor, Household and Spouse get recognized for donations, memberships and event registrations.
3.For the constituent you’re using, make sure the checkbox to apply revenue to and from each spouse is checked.

4.From Daily sales, sell a new or renew a membership for a constituent with a spouse.  Open the order and review the recognition credits. Open the constituent record and review recognition credits. 

5.From a constituent’s record, add a new or renew a membership.  Review the recognition credits after the payment is complete. 


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