Change to Enroll Start Date in Core does not sync over to Raiser's Edge via Connect RE

Users may find that changing to the Enroll Start Date in Core does not sync over to the linked Raiser's Edge record via the Connect RE plug in   However, updating a different linked field (e.g Middle Name) does sync over the change to the Enroll Start Date

This issue was resolved in a previous release of Connect RE. Connect RE has an auto-update feature which will automatically upgrade your version when users launch the application from Raiser's Edge.

If users are still experiencing this issue please attempt the following:
1. Navigate to a Core record and confirm the enrollment date. If there are enrollment dates Connect RE will sync the earliest entry for date entered.  If there are no dates the Date entered field in Raiser's Edge will be blank.
2. Edit a mapped field on the linked Core record to force the sync OR navigate to Connect RE, Settings, Advanced Settings and select the Refresh and Process option.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Core make change to Enroll Start Date for one record
2. Save the record
3. Log into Raiser's Edge
4. Launch the Connect RE plug in
5. After matching process is complete notice the change to the Enroll Start Date is not listed in the plug in


 Raiser's Edge

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