Query shows incorrect results when filtered on Batch number field

When an operator of "Greater than"  or "Greater than or equal to" is used to filter on a specific Batch number in an Ad-hoc Query, results display that are less than the Batch number entered as the filter. 
Batch number is a string field, so Altru treats batch number like a text field rather than a numerical field.  This is because batch numbers can have letters in them.

Therefore, if your criteria is batch number greater than 276, Altru may also pull in revenue in batches with batch number 3, 4, 5, 6, etc, as it is only looking at the first value in the string of batch numbers, rather than the number as a whole.

Instead of using the "greater than" operator in query, set your criteria to batch number is between, is equal to, or one of to get more accurate results.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Revenue > Batch Entry, add a membership dues batch.
  2. Enter data into the batch.
  3. Save and close the batch.
  4. Commit the batch.
  5. Go to Analysis > Information Library, and click create a new Ad-hoc query.
  6. Choose the source view of Memberships and click Ok.
  7. Expand Membership Transaction, expand Revenue Application, and highlight Revenue Details
  8. Move the Batch number field over to Include records where and set it to Greater than [a batch number one less than your batch number].
  9. Add the Batch number field as an output field
  10. Select Preview results and note that results are being included that have a Batch number less than the batch number in your query filter.

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