Error: You must select at least one constituent type- when searching for constituent to merge

When merging constituents, the first name is blacked out. When I click search I receive the message, "You must select at least one constituent type." If I put in the last name, I get, "Co records found."

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This message occurs when you do not have a type of record selected. Please use the below steps to select a record, then search for the constituent:
  1. From the Constituent Search screen, click Show advanced search options.
  2. Make sure that Individuals, Organizations or Groups/Households is checked, as you see below
  3. Click Search

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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Constituents > Duplicates
  2. Click Merge two constituents
  3. Next to Source constituent, click magnifying glass to search for constituent
  4. In Constituent search screen, click Search and receive error

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