Revenue not showing on the Total Revenue and Payments report when filtering on a specific user

After the 4.98 Altru upgrade to single Sign On (SSO) you may notice that when you run the total revenue and payments report and filter the report on a specific user the report does not show any revenue prior to the SSO upgrade. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

For all revenue and sales entered into Altru after the 4.98 update, you can continue to run the Total Revenue Report for that user.

In the meantime, to access historical transactions for a certain user entered before the 4.98 update, you can build a revenue query:

1. Click Analysis > Information Library > Add an ad-hoc Query
2. Choose the Revenue source view
3. Under the Results fields to display section click on the "Amount" field that shows there by default > click the red 'x' above the text "results fields to display" to delete the field
4. Under the browse for fields in section click on Revenue > drag added by username from the middle column to the include records where section: 
User-added image
5. Change the first drop down to "one of" > move over your original Altru username and your new SSO username to the right column > click OK
6. Under browse for fields in click on Application Details > drag amount from the middle column to the results fields to display section
7. Drag the Application field from the middle column to the results fields to display section

You can add other fields like the Designation name field to the results fields to display section to get more detail about the transactions. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Revenue > Total Revenue and Payments
  2. Change the date range to a date before the SSO upgrade
  3. Change the user to Specific User > then enter a username in the search field
  4. Click view report


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