How do I create a new discount?

Discounts must be created in order to be applied to any accounts. Discounts are used to reduce the billing amount on the account. The discount name can be customized as needed such as Scholarships, Financial Aid, etc.

There are mandatory fields such as the Discount Name, Apply To, the Distribution Type and whether the discount should be applied to Tuition or Tuition and Fees. 
  • Discount Name is how you want the discount to be displayed on the account.
  • Apply To is how you plan to use the discount, family-based or student based.
  • Distribution Type is when you plan want the discount to be used once created > always in the 1st month of the billing, across the payment plan on the account, or on a specific/all month on the payment plan per account.

  1. Verify that you are in the correct school year in the top right corner of the screen next to the school name.
  2. Hover over the Fees and Discounts tab for the drop-down menu > Select Manage Fees and Discounts.
  3. Select the Discount tab/folder 
  4. Select Add New Discount
  5. Enter the name of the Discount
  6. If applicable:
  • You may choose to enter a standard amount (Optional)
  • You may choose to enter a description of the discount (Optional)
  • You may choose to enter a GL number (Optional)
  • You may choose to enter a Project Code (Optional)
  1. In Apply To: The system defaults to Family-based, If meant to be applied to individual students > select Student
  2. In Distribution Type: Select 1st month, Across Plan, or Specific month
  3. System defaults to Tuition, if meant to reduce/allocate to Tuition and Fees > Select Tuition and Fees
  4. Select Save



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