Report option to print criteria in database view reverts to being marked after editing report in FENXT

When setting up a General Ledger report in Database view, a user may wish to unmark the option to print the criteria pages on the format tab. Here, when a user is in FE NXT and is using the edit option on the report to change and then save a setting in the report parameter, the change is currently refreshing the "print criteria" option and it reverts back to being marked (if it was unmarked previously in database view).
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. It's still possible to go back into the report in database view to unmark the print criteria page option if desired. Just previewing the reports in FE NXT does not change the setting. Only editing reverts the print criteria option to being marked in database view.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into FE NXT
2. Launch Database view > Log into Database view 
3. In Database view > General Ledger > Reports > Financial Statements > Income Statement > Open an income statement > Format tab > Criteria > set "Print these criteria" to be UNmarked > Save
4. In FE NXT > Reporting > search for the same report
5. Click the " ..." next to the report and select "Edit"
6. Make a small change, such as not including inactive accounts
7. Click Save and Run
8. View report > Close
9. Back in Database view go to Reports > Financial Statements > Income Statement > Open the same report > Format tab > Criteria > Notice "Print these criteria" is now marked


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