How do I run a Report that will show Partial Grant Refunds or Cancellations?

I am running the Grant Cancel/Refunds report and I notice that it only displays results for fully cancelled or refunded grants. I need a report that will show partially cancelled or refunded grants, how can I do that?


In order to report on partial refunds and cancellations, you can use the ‘User Defined Application History Export’ which contains the adjustment fields which are needed to report on partially cancelled or refunded grants.

You can output any fields needed; the adjustment amount, type date and the grant number and amount are typical fields:

You can also filter on what types of adjustments to report on. For example, if you only want to see refunds, you can select that. Even the type is R for refund, the output will show those adjustments that were made for partial refunds since the data is being pulled from the adjustments fields. Partial refunds are also coded with type R just like full refunds. If you would like to report on Cancellations you can change the type to C:

When the export is completed, a text file is created and exported out to the file location you chose for the export. You then take that file and open in Excel.




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