First, we can create a query to pull all received amounts:
  1. Click Queries.
  2. Click Manage Queries.
  3. Click on a category that you want to store this query in (Ex: Base).
  4. Click New Query under the tasks menu.
  5. Name the query.
  6. Set the Starting Query to Base/All Constituents.
  7. Under Results, set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries.
  8. Under Criteria Options mark Match each criteria.
  9. Under Browse Fields select Commonly Used Fields from the drop down menu and click on Individual Transaction Received.
  10. Fill in Greater Than or Equal to .01
  11. Optionally, add a date range by selecting from Commonly Used Fields and click on Journal Entry Date. Enter the desired date range in Date Range, such as This Year.
  12. Click Save and Preview.

Then create a report for the donor information and the gift amount. (Note: This Report will list a donor name, address, and a gift amount on each line. If they have given more than one gift, then a line will appear for each gift.)
  1. Click Reports.
  2. Click Manage Reports.
  3. Click on a category you want to store this report under (ex: System).
  4. Click on New Report under the Task Menu.
  5. Name the report.
  6. Under Group Results, select to Group Report By Account. Then select Show Group Totals to see a total for each account, or HIde Group Totals to not.
  7. Under Collapse Upgrades/Segments, select Yes to have each segment of a split transaction show on its own line or No for the entire transaction to be totaled on one line. (Note: This only applies to transactions with more than one segment.)
  8. Under Browse Fields, select Commonly Used Fields from the drop down and click Account Name, Address Lines, City, Postal Code, State, and Received.
  9. Optionally, add other fields as desired.
  10. Click Save and Run under the Task Menu.
  11. Under Query select your category in the top box and your query in the bottom box. (This may be the query created from the steps above.)
  12. At the bottom of the page choose a Delivery Option from the report format drop down box and then click Submit.