Transactions missing out of Pool

I am trying to reconcile FACTS and I see that transactions are missing out of the pool, how can I get them back into the pool on the transactions tab?
The Restore FACTs transactions tool can be run to restore missing transactions back into FACTS. To do that, do the following steps:

1. Go to Tools\System Utilities\Admin Utilities\Finance Utilities\Restore FACTS Transactions
2. Select the pool in question from the drop down.
3. The Fiscal year will default to the current year
4. For the Date From and Through fields; select the date range of the transactions that are missing from FACTS that need to be restore. For example, if you are reconciling for November and the October transactions are missing, then you will select 10/01/2017-12/31/2017 (for fiscal year 2017 if that is the year you are working with).
5. For the Report Only field; leaving the value at 'yes' will give you a report only of the missing transactions and will not restore them to FACTS. Changing the value to 'no' will render the report and also restore to FACTS at the same time. If you want to restore the transactions to FACTS the value needs to be set for 'no'.




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