Yes, it is possible to update your Marking Periods mid-year; However, some adjustments would need to be made on behalf of the Teachers to ensure that the changes go through smoothly. To update these Marking Periods do the following:
  1. Navigate to onCampus > Settings > Academics
  2. Click on the Marking Periods Tab
  3. Edit into the Semester 1 Marking Period
  4. Update the Description to instead reflect Quarter 1 and update the End date to reflect when Quarter 1 should end
  5. Click Save & Exit
Once created, you can then create a Quarter 2 Marking Period by clicking "Add" in the top right across from your Semester 1 Marking Period and doing the following:
  1. Label the Marking Period in your Description (such as Quarter 2)
  2. Set the Start Date to be after the end date of Quarter 1
  3. Set the End Date to the last day of your term (shown across from the term above)
Once done, these steps can be repeated for Semester 2 to create Quarters 3 and 4

For the teachers, what this will look like is all historical Gradebook Data will be preserved; However, any 2nd Quarter Grade Book Assignments will still appear in Quarter 1. To correct this, your teachers can do the following:
  1. Navigate to Classes > [Name of the class to be updated]
  2. Click on the Gradebook Tab
  3. Edit into any assignment by clicking on the elipses (...) below the assignment and click "Edit Assignment Settings"
  4. Click Save
This will re-initialize the assignment and will place it in the proper Marking Period for the Grade Book so that it will move into the correct Quarter. The final step the Teachers will need to perform is to update their Grade Book Settings by setting a Calculation Method and including all necessary Assignment Types. If any weights are being used, they can be copied from Quarter 1.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you have any Grading Formulas associated to Grade Book Cumulative grades they would need to be adjusted in onRecord to pull from the correct Grade Book.