Security option to prevent user from Deleting a Proposal does not apply in Gift Batch

Some user's may notice when linking a new gift to an existing proposal in batch there is an option to delete the Proposal if you select to delete the gift. When selecting to delete the gift a prompt will appear "This row is linked to a proposal. Do you want to delete the (Proposal Name) proposal for (Constituent Name)". If you select Yes to this option the Proposal on the constituent record will be deleted. This will occur even if the user is in a Security Group which prevents the user from being able to delete a Proposal on the constituent record. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log in to Raiser's Edge
2. Create a new security group
3. Open the security group and select Records
4. Scroll down to Proposals and unmark the option to Delete proposals
5. Save and close the Security Group

1. Log in to Raiser's Edge and create a new proposal for a constituent record. Save the proposal. 
2. Go to batch and add a new gift with the same constituent record
3. Highlight the row in batch and go to from the menu bar Gift > Link > Proposal
4. Link the proposal
5. Next delete the gift in the row by highlighting the row and right click > delete
6. You will be prompted with "Would you like to delete the gift" select yes  to this prompt. Next you will be prompted with "This row is linked to a proposal. Do you want to delete the (Proposal Name) proposal for (Constituent Name)". Select Yes to this prompt. 
7. This will delete the proposal even though the user does not technically have rights to delete the proposal


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