Error: The list could not be loaded. The operation has timed out - when viewing the conflicts tab of a scheduled program

When waiting for a the Conflicts tab on a Scheduled program to load, users may receive the following error message after some time: "The list could not be loaded. The operation has timed out "

This error message is caused when there are too many conflicts to display on the page.  This can occur when you've tried to schedule several years of events that have conflicts.  To prevent this in the future, we recommend scheduling events for a shorter time frame to prevent too many conflicts.  For example, do not schedule events for years, but instead for a few months at a time.  In addition, every time that you schedule events, check the Conflicts tab to see if certain events are not being able to be built. You will need to manually resolve each one because every conflict scenario can be different.

  1. Go to Tickets > Program Search.  Search for and select your program to schedule events for.
  2. Go to Event List > Click Add and schedule certain events
  3. Once that is done, check the Conflicts tab
  4. If it times out, then click "Undo last schedule" and try again with a shorter timeframe
  5. Repeat this process until you have everything you need scheduled

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Tickets, and add a new scheduled program and enter in a name, price list, and location.

2. Right click on a day on the calendar tab and select Add.

3. On General tab set Recurrence for Every day and times per day is multiple. Start date is today and end date is 7 years from now.

4. Select Start time pattern and set Events should start every 6 hours and each event should last 2 hours.

5. Daily start times are 8 AM, 2 PM and 6 PM.

6. Click save and that will create 7,674 events.

7. Now select Copy program and name it copy of program name

8.  Repeat steps above to get conflicts.

9. Select Conflicts tab and notice after of couple of minutes you get the error of "The list could not be loaded. The operation has timed out."


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