Error importing field maker update RowObject record data exceeding 32000 when Considering Stage Two Application in IGAM

When considering a stage 2 application in IGAM, the error "Error: Attempt to update RowObject record data exceeding 32000. (12370) field-name" can occur.

This error indicates the total data limit for a field maker table has been reached. There is a 32,000 limit on the data which can be stored in one field maker record. The 32,000 represents the limit of letters and spaces used in filling in all the field maker fields for one application. The total count will include data for fields not shown on the IGAM form if the field is setup with a default or initial value. An IGAM form can set a word limit on individual fields but not a character limit.  Limiting the number of words will help to keep under the limit.

To work around this issue, use the grant notes fields on the application to store the excess field maker data since there is no limit to the data which can be stored in grant notes.  Additional grant notes are added as needed but all the data is displayed seamlessly as if in one field.

There is a custom include which can be added to fims\custom\gam\gui which will store the excess application data in the grant notes field.



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